Terms & Condition

General Guidelines

The rules of international law and business practice have shaped this document.

Individuals aged 18 and up are eligible to join Investment Legend.

Investing in our site is a personal responsibility, and the user must ensure that he or she is not breaking any laws in his or her country of residence.

Each Investment Legend client must complete the registration process.

You agree to the terms and conditions by becoming a client of Investment Legend.

Investing Guidelines

Every deposit between Investment Legend and its client is treated as a confidential transaction.

Clients conduct all financial transactions at their own risk and at their own discretion. Each client determines the size and period of his or her deposit.

Every month for eternity, the accumulation of extra passive income on the investment is calculated and credited to the client's account.

The principal has not returned and will continue to work indefinitely.

The client can calculate his or her additional passive income using our additional passive income calculator.

To make a deposit, the client can use any payment system or cryptocurrency that we accept. Investment Legend exclusively takes USD as a form of payment.

Similar registrations are allowed as long as each member invests in their own online wallet and the accounts do not refer to one another.

Anti-Spam Regulations

Spam is unsolicited commercial e-mail or mass e-mail, such as "junk mail," that has not been requested by the recipient. It is inconvenient, frequently useless or offensive, and a waste of important resources. Inappropriate newsgroup behaviors, such as sending the identical materials to many newsgroups, are also considered spam.

SPAM is not tolerated in our network.

Unsolicited e-mails of any type are prohibited in connection with the marketing of Investment Legend's services.

If any law enforcement agency, internet service provider, web hosting provider, or other person or entity notifies us that you may have sent unsolicited e-mails or engaged in other unlawful conduct, including conduct in violation of an internet service provider's terms of service or any other policies or regulations, we reserve the right to cooperate in any investigation relating to your activities, including the disclosure of personal information.

If you haven't received an email from Investment Legend, please check your spam folder, since certain email systems may designate our emails as spam.

The procedure for changing the current rules is as follows:

Without the approval of investors, the Investment Legend administration reserves the right to make changes to the current document.

Investment Legend's administration will notify clients of any changes by posting a notification on the website.

Unless otherwise stated in the text, changes to terms and conditions take effect from the date of publication of information on the site.

Customer Support and Service

Our support service has the right to provide any further information to any client.

Our customer service department can be reached by our Support Form or any means that is most convenient for him.

To avoid a potentially bad situation, the client commits to interact with our support service in a courteous manner and to follow the directions.